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Craimar (renegade) of the Night Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Craimar (renegade) of the Night" journal:
November 23rd, 2016
01:48 pm


LJI season10: Are ye serious?
"Fuck ye." There was a tambor in me voice I weren't to be likin, but I almost weren't carin'.

~You say what?" Tyraelia, a goddess that sometimes were manifestin in the world where I be at today, were not happy.

"Fuck ye." I weren't movin. "I struggled-an' only ye know how much-to be here, to be alive, an' ye tell me I gotta work with a tontin bitch who don' seem to give two shits whether I do or don't out there? May's well've givin me to a tonton!" I were pretty sure the Star Wars reference were gunna be lost on her, but, again, that almost not carin bit.


She blinked, Her owl's eyes had gone distant as he suddenly went back to then.

She was now in his mind, reliving the horrible, terrible struggle from the snowstorm that had happened nearly a dozen years ago now-and he still had nightmares from it.

He saw his struggle to land at Sharia's feet-the worry, and a completely *different* struggle in his Chosen's eyes and heart, the struggle to not succumb to the horrible death that such as he would face-and the possibility of not being able to come back again, as some of hers did and would.

The struggle to breathe, to remain awake, to live.

The enduring of the pain as they rubbed his limbs down with luke warm water-and the swelling that occurred with such things. The frostbite-she'd nearly forgotten that he had been nearly frostbitten from the experience-and the girl whom he was to work with's cruelty came to her than, and she realized her error.

The tears he cried, and the reaching for his Brother as he finally realized he would live-truly live.

She would put him in a different, needless, struggle if she left him alone with the Firetree-the one who had promised never to do that again, and whose promises prooved false. Even her sister, the Rowan of Fire would not work with the Firetree-so cruel had she been of late.

In his case the 'struggle to feel alive' was much more than just a feeling-it had been truth, a fact. A truefact that was mocked, or so he said, bvy the one he would work with-and she was to put the both of them in Seattle. Which was nearly on being frozen this time of year-almost unseasonably so.

She leaned back on her hands, her own eyes distant now. But with thoughts and plans, not with what seemed to be in her agent's eyes-fear, fear and knowing-the knowing of what was out there for them-and for him.


~Take Shadowfire and the Brown with you along with that one. If she taunts you, they can send her to me-directly.~

I jus about cried wi'relief. The struggle=-tha' seemin never-endin' struggle to remain-and feel-alive weren't to be lost on her today. Those two-they were the ones mah instincts wanted in the firs' damn place, an' to be havin'em there...there weren't no words for the immense relief that were in me right now, and I weren't sure there ever would be.

Entry for week 1 of therealljidol Enjoy!

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November 10th, 2016
06:07 pm


*sits down with long island* Heyos ye lot.
I be the same cursin' Irishman ya'll knew from a long ass time before. I jus be havin a lot more to fuckin curse about. xd And a helluva lot more to sing for, too.

Done lost a few people, done gained a helluva lot of wisdom and family. Done seen too much shit-some o'which I don't wish on nobody. An I'm bein fuckin serious as shit here.
Done a helluva lot more travellin since I been around, too an picked up some new skills for it. Long wi'some new friends, some o'which I wouldn't trade for nothin. OK fine, all of which I wouldn't trade for nothin.

But I still be this: I still be the song in the shadows o'the night; the pipes heard on the winds when they still, and music can carry upon them; the same owl-lovin bastard who done grew up on the streets wi'out a mother to hold me when I cried at night.

Hope ya like me; gunna be here a bit. :d

*lays down quill* See ye 'round.


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02:51 pm


So what we all insane
Leastwinds a little.

I be Craimar; remember me?

I be in for season 10.


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January 27th, 2013
11:46 am


Crazy dive
"Are ye out o'yer effin' mind?" Ah stood across from one o'me dearest friends staring blankly at him. Every once in a while Ah'd glance at the silver glowin' thing in the distance.

"No." My friend Cedar's calm voice split the air, his shoulderlength hair gleamed in the light here, "Try her. She's an amazing writer...and she gets it. Perhaps not as much as you'd like her to, but she does. She's your last chance."

Ah was to be givin' a long sigh, an cursin' softly, "I hate it when you're effin' right." Ah reached out a hand. "Hold me."

"Can't." The word was to be slappin' like a hand against me chest. "I...Shadowsong, Ah can't." His formality slippin' let me know how scared he was. He was to be havin' faith in her to be sayin' yes-but everyone knew he couldn't to be makin' her.

Ah was to be cursin' again, before startin' to move. Reachin' out. Testin. Givin' her thin's that wern't hers...

Then Ah jumped, takin' hold o'what turned out to be a glowin' enameled and silver phoenix stickin out like a beakon. . .

She said yes. o.o Ah must've been crazy to jump.


Except. . . I wasn't, it's turned out to be the best decision I ever Effin' made. ;p

My submission for the home game of therealljidol week 1 topic: Am i Crazy? Thank ye for reading. :d

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