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worldofcraimar's Journal

Craimar (renegade) of the Night
Ain't got much more to be sayin' here. Ain't used to havin' to fill in little boxes like this. I to be bein' somewhat of a loner. Not be wantin' to say much more'n that here. This be a place where I be puttin' shit that be unrelated to muh projects. IE, the universes I be shoottin' 'round. Guess I'd better to be explainin' that muh writer be thepheenixeyri Muh other journal, that sorta be f-loked, too be craimardethsong and she got another writing journal that to be bein' eriofthephoenix Be a com where only she got the postin' in it. Where she be puttin' the nano. SHe X-post though, so if ya don't wat to be goin' there just add thepheenixeyri ANd ya get all the shit. If ya don't wantin' to be havin' to deal with the shit that be goin' on in her life then eriofthephoenix be the place for ya.

Hate bein' this damn obvious, but this layout ain't go the damn links list everyone be speakin' 'bout, so I gotta do this some way, I to be guessin'. But I run more on subtlety than she to be doin' like.

action, hip-hop symthe/power metal, indi, lotsa shit, metal, mysteries, observin' shit, playin' music, scifi, singin', thrillers, watchin' people, workin' magic